This is a variation on the theme of Macbeth , already part of the Precious Fibers collection of wallcoverings by Armani/Casa, where the protagonist is the trompe-l’oeil of a deciduous forest depicted with tapestry taste. The subject is taken from the famous episode contained in the eponymous tragedy by William Shakespeare (1564-1616), where the Birnam woods seems to “walk” towards Macbeth’s castle to predict his end. The author is tributed with four new tone-on-tone proposals, made on silk and metallic fibers

Width 0,870 mt - 2,854 ft
Length 18,000 mt - 59,040 ft
Quality 65% SETA - 35% FILATI LAMINATI
Composition Metallic silk wall fabric
Unity Panel - cm 522 L x 300 H
Repeat 300,00 cm - 118,11 in

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