Representing a journey into the exotic and dream-like, the third collection of the Precious Fibers wallcovering series by Armani/Casa features designs named after operas and ballets. These create a magical atmosphere. Established back in 2014, the partnership between Giorgio Armani and the Milanese wallpaper experts Jannelli&Volpi resulted in memorable and distinctive wallcoverings. Now there are eight new ones that are added to the most luxurious collection born from this collaboration. Sophisticated materials like silk, laminated yarn and velvet are used to create wallcoverings epitomising the Armani code of elegance. These are conceived to dress home spaces with patterns expressing delicate transitions (watery blurs, tone-on-tone shades and trompe l’oeil effects) or vibrant contrasts (rigorous geometrics, bold colour accents and graphic nature-inspired designs). Alongside the use of traditional techniques, Armani/Casa introduces new manufacturing solutions for these wallcoverings, evidence of its constant search for innovation and quality.